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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 22, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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that's it for us today, the factor continues 24/7. hope to see you again next time. remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you! >> sean: president obama descended on wall street today and pro claimed the long arm of the government will soon rein in america's financial system. during his two hour stop in new york he threw his weight around calling out his favorite boogie man the fat cats on wall street then appeared to extend an olive branch. >> the president: i'm here today specifically, when i speak to the titans of industry, because i want to urge to you join us instead of fighting us in this effort. sean is wall street onboard? our cameras were there to gauge reaction. >> we can blame wall street as much as we want to, all of the growth we've seen around the country for the last 100 years is based on financial innovation, capital markets
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that are transparent even though we have trouble with that if you stifle us too much i think it will be problematic. >> he just wants to take over another industry. health care, cars, hugo chavez that's all . >> i was surprised not to see pitchforks and torches coming down broadway to wall street >> we can come up with plans and make speeches all you like. there's no real movement that we see. i think wall street is coming back on its own. further regulation will sometime me that >> now is the time to actually give it a try for the government to actually get some rules, regulations implemented. >> i don't think they are directing the regulations and rules in the right areas. >> it depends on what rules and will they be tough enough? >> problem is you are going to be noncompetitive. >> the scariest term talk hear is i'm from the government i'm here to help.
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>> sean: this going on as the cloud of goldman sachs hangs over the administration. goldman was recent lay accused of fraud. now the white house's connections to the firm are raising eyebrows. yesterday news broke goldman's chief executive has visited the white house at least four times in the past year. we know that the president refuses to return the nearly one million dollars in campaign contributions he received from goldman in 2008. joining me with analysis from the fox business network, charles gasparino and jerri willis. why didn't he return the money? >> he likes these guys if you look at heads of wall street firms not the rank and file but heads, jamie dimon at jpmorgan chase, blankfein were at the speech all liberal democrats. big supporters. >> that's what it is. if you take a look at how much
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money goldman gave the president, barack obama got nearly a million dollars in donations. if you look at how much that was in terms of tarp dollars a dollar for every $10,000 they got in tarp money. they paid it back. they gave the money back. at the end of the day that was -- >> more than that the notion of too big to tail that you have the government behind you all the time allows goldman to borrow so cheaply it can make money doing nothing almost. by the way, too big to fail is in this bill still. >> sean: this is almost like a permanent tarp system where the american people will have be in a constant position to bail these companies. greg craig, white house counsel leaves in january, represents goldman. dick gephardt lobbies for goldman. harry reid getting money from goldman. rahm rahmbo dead fish getting money from goldman. the democrats are trying to
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portray republicans in the pockets of big business they are up to their eyeballs. >> wall street, based on talking people in the executive suites they are behind like 80% of this bill. the big thing they are behind is obviously the aspect of too big to fail. there is a slush fund if you get in trouble there's 50 billion dollars to bail you out. the fact of the matter is when government is behind wall street it lowers cost of borrowing. goldman sachs made 3 1/2 billion dollars in one quarter that's pretty good isn't it? >> that stays in the system whether they have that money or not the government is going to be there to do too big to fail. neither democrats or republicans oppose it. >> sean: here's what i don't understand. the president is not talking about jobs because he can't create any and the stimulus has tailed. he's not talking health care any more a amazing how many people -- they are calling local hospitals, doctors, representatives, where do i sign up for that free health care bill? people believe the president
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is going to give free melt care. no is the next crisis. is this a crisis? is this regulatory action which will give new executive powers to the president which are fairly unprecedented, in some cases without judicial review? is this a real crisis and will this solve the problem the president claims it is going to solve? >> i don't think so. the problem was created because of too big to fail. you had 30 years of wall street losing a lot of money, a real lot of money in 2008. every time the government came in and bailed them out. we bailed them out more in 2008 this bill codifies that into law. that is the scariest part. >> this consumer protection bureau they want to set up. remember what happened with credit card reform our interest rates on the credit cards went sky high reduced the amount you can bore three's what is going to happen here. -- you can borrow. that's what is going to happen here.
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>> acorn will lobby -- they are going to look at people on that consumer board and make small banks give loans to people that can't afford -- >> sean: this is what got us into this mess. the idea that the socialist mindset utopia that every american can own a house whether they can afford it or not got us into this mess. the country is on the path to bankruptcy. not only are we spending money we don't have, taking from our kids, grandkids and great grandkids. they set up this permanent tarp system. they set up this money -- we'll get into this in the next segment. there's only one way to pay for this. they are going to tart confiscating any loose change anybody has. next value added tax. >> that comes next. it has to be at least 10% to make it pay. >> obama said he's not going to raise money on people. these guys make so much money they couldn't care less about
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the vat tax. we have a huge budget deficit, losing our aaa rating, maybe. we can't pay for all these programs. you don't hear a word out of guys -- >> sean: why? >> they are bought and paid for. >> sean: wall street is bought and paid for? for the average person watching at home, the reason obama got millions of dollars is because they expect something in return. you're saying this bill they are getting what they want in return? >> i know this for a fact, they are 80% behind it. there is tough they don't like, the derivatives legislation, there's a clearinghouse for that they are codifying, i believe the one thing that them in trouble that us in trouble too big to >> sean: the people who get scre with wed are the american taxpayers. >> because we -- screwed are the american taxpayers. >> we paid for it. >> what is disingenuous about
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the speech is the self-righteousness of it he said if you against this bill you are for bilking america. you have a business that believes in bilking other people. that means mike bloomberg is running a ponzi scheme. the none -- demonization of people against it is absurd. >> sean: the worst corporations don't compare to the malfeasance, corporate mismanagement, government mismanagement of taxpayer dollars. >> absolutely. >> sean: let not your heart be troubled more hannity coming up. >> i think i answered this the other day saying it wasn't something the president -- >> sean: president contradicts his press secretary and admits a value added tax is on the table. >> that has worked for some countries. something that would be novel for the united states. >> sean: media mash returns. the most outrageous instances
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of mainstream media bias. a pennsylvania democrat accuses her opponent of pretending to be buy sexual. lots more hand -- to be by sexual. lots more hannity, straight ahead.
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>> sean: accusing her opponent of friending to be bisexual to
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pander to the gay and bisexual community. she told the crowd i outed him as a straight person now he goes around telling people i swing both ways. this guy is a gem. leave democrats. what can i say to this? nothing, i'm speechless. straight ahead. i'm on an aspirin regimen now because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. talk to your doctor, and take care of what you have to take ca of. we get dole miles on every purchase. so we earned a ski trip twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use our card. ( thuds ) i'll take this. ( crashing ) double miles add up quick. and all of those. so we brought the whole gang. one adult, one goat please.
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it's hard to beat double miles. everyone knows two is better than one. introducing the venturcard from capital one... with double miles on every pchase every day. go to wht's in your waet? oh, poor baby. . >> sean: after vowing not to increase taxes on anybody making less than $250,000 9thed one now appears to be
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considering a value added tax that is a tax applied to nearly all goods and services. here's what the president told cnbc when asked about the subject yesterday. >> the president: i know there's been a lot of talk about the value added tax that is something that has worked for some countries. it is something that would be novel for the united states. before i start saying this makes sense or that makes sense i want to get a better picture of what our options are. >> sean: some members of the administration appear not to have gotten the message. look at the white house propaganda minister and what told reporters yesterday. >> i think i answered this the other day saying it wasn't something the president had under consideration. >> sean: maybe he should talk to his boss. the same goes for joe biden who seemed like he was trying to cover for anointed one earlier today on the view. >> if we are going to start talking about a national sales tax, on top of everything else,
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what taxes can you guys remove? >> we weren't talking that >> the president is. >> no the president said he was opening to listening about that >> sean: what is really going on? joining me is iowa congressman steve king good to see you. the president floats the idea, paul volcker floats the idea, gibbs says no, geithner says no then says we've got to increase revenues. how serious is the talk of a national sales tax on top of income taxes in washington today? >> well, i think it is really serious. clearly they've floated the trial balloon. paul volcker floated it as blatant and open as it could be. i thought then all of america should have lined up and shot that trial balloon down. now we've got the president speaking about it being a novel idea for americans. we know the president has been actively engaged in supporting
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about anything that he can import from western europe including spain's cap and tax program as the model we should follow. we know that's a catastrophe. value added tax, catastrophe out of much of europe not all of europe. that's what i expect they are going to try to prepare the groundwork for. i don't know how they pay for obama care unless they do something like this value added tax which is insidious, regressive and taxes the people that have the least amount of income and gives government the maximum opportunity to maximize tax revenue. it is a horrible thing to think about in a free country. if we a vat tax it will be a big step towards the death knell of the liberty of a formerly free people. >> sean: it has been tried to europe and only resulted in lack of economic get. the president has already spent this money. he's already accumulated three trillion in debt in two years. projected another 10 trillion more in debt we are not even
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talking about the health care debt. i guess in a liberal's mind the only way to raise taxes if you don't believe in cutting growth and unleashing economic activity you have to tax people, confiscate their wealth. is this something we would expect after the election or after 2012, thinking he's going to get reelected? >> i think they will be looking for a crisis situation. they are seeking to characterize this as a crisis situation. when you look at predictions that by 2020, 10 years from now, it is projected out of the obama budget 100% of the gdp will be the equivalent of the national deficit. that's a huge number. it is chilling to think that all we could generate in a year would be all it would take to payoff the deficit we have in spending. this is the only alternative they have. they want to grow government. i'd add this to all the nationalization that we have seen. a third of the private sector activity, plus obama care,
9:17 pm
plus the student loan program. where else do you go if you want bigger and more government? to the european model that originated in france. the value added tax in that part of the world -- denmark started at 9%, today it is 25%. they tell me their tax burden is at 75%. i asked them why do you go to work? that's the question ronald reagan asked in 1975. >> sean: i can tell you if you are in new york or new jersey, under president obama, your income tax when the bush tax cuts expire that's going to be 40%. 25% increase in medicare taxes to another 4% which is where going to end up. you add to that, county taxes, property taxes, 9 or 10% sales taxes or 7, 8, 9% sales tax and everything else, we are at 70% in a state like northern.
9:18 pm
that's without the value added tax. >> you make a good point. i recall in the 90s, i went around and did seminars in the upper midwest on tax burden. i took self-employed people because they were my trade social and added that up and got input from the group always. we would add up the federal income tax, state income tax and excise taxes and we would get over 50%. i would save the sales tax until last 50% on everything else you are paying that with after tax income as a rule so you double that number if it is 7% sales tax it is 14. we found even then we were between 65 and 75% tax liability. when you add the property tack the way you say it does come to a number that is in that 75% range. and the burden of government is so great, that it has diminished the vital activity private sector what is left of america. if we are going to take this
9:19 pm
country up to the next level above the shining city on the hill that we have become because of ronald reagan, we have to have lower taxes, less government. it isn't going to work to slow the growth of government. we are now going to have to come back in, after november with new majorities and cut real government spending and delay out for the long term to get to a balanced budget in a short period of time. >> sean: i'm concerned that we're now crossing a threshold, irreparable damage. i don't know how it is going to become feasible or possible to payoff the amount of spending and debt we are accumulating. we'll continue to watch it, congressman thanks for being with us. >> if you had another moment. >> sean: yeah >> i want to add the real solution is a consumption tax but the national sales tax the fair tax. that will get us to where we can repeal the 16th amendment. we take all the tax off production and put all the tax on consumption that shifts this thing around. you and you are on the same
9:20 pm
page. >> sean: national sales tax alone eliminating income tax from irs from adding the national sales tax to the federal income tax that currently exists. it is at the point where we are going to destroy all production. thanks congressman. more hannity including the latest on media bias. >> nobody likes taxes. nobody likes paying taxes and i don't blame them. who deserves the biggest break now? >> sean: joe biden makes a big appearance on daytime television. scheduled address from the reverend franklin graham causes controversy at the pentagon. will they cancel it? new book delves into the climategate scandal. the author is in much more hannity, straight ahead.
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>> sean: tonight, it is back by popular demand. the return of media mash. a segment where we whole the mainstream obamamania media accountable when with we see bias in the news, tv, online or in the papers we are going to call it out. here to help us from the media research center, brent is with us. good to see you. >> hi sean. >> sean: let's start with this. we have examined in great detail the outright biased coverage against the tea party movement. for example, it has been a peaceful coalition of people. they've been smeared as not s, as mobsters, unamerican. one of the tea parties we had an nbc reporter asking an african-american man if they felt comfortable at a tea party? let's roll the tape.
9:26 pm
>> there aren't a lot of african-american men at these vents. have you ever felt uncomfortable? >> no. these are my people, american. >> sean: these are my people, americans. let's examine the question a little more deeply. your reaction to that? >> two points. normally when a reporter like this puts his or her foot in their mouth it is live. it was edited they went and put this one together that's just how nonsensical this story is. here's the second thing the more important point. for years and years the same liberal press has condemned the conservative movement for not being diverse enough. for not reaching out to black. there's a rally of conservatives and there's a black man there and they say in effect are you insane being with these conservatives? conservatives can't win with the liberal press. >> sean: seems like it wants to play into the democrat talking point narrative that
9:27 pm
somehow the tea party movement is racist, which it is not and advancing the democratic talking points on this, right? >> they are. the talking points are tea party people are racist and home folks and now thanks to bill clinton, dangerous. shades of oklahoma city this is a scorched earth campaign on the tea party which i knew was going to happen and it is going to get worse mark my words. this black man stands up and says these are americans and deflates the argument, good for him. >> sean: there was a number of gay rights activists protesting in front of the white house. all of a sudden they decided to shutdown lafayette park and the white house from the media, which i can't think of another instance in which this happened, imagine if george bush were president. let's roll this tape. >> park is closed. >> let us do our job. >> back off! park is closed!
9:28 pm
>> have you seen them ever do this before? >> let's go, back up, park's closed! >> sean: great question, have you ever seen them do this before? >> extraordinary sean. this is shades of hugo chavez controlling the flow of information. there's a protest somebody doesn't want the public to see it, they throw these reporters off public property where never a legal right to be. the interesting thing here is, what do these reporters do? just watch them like cattle retreating, obediently. who put this cop occupy to this? what was the reason for it? we'll never know. you know what coverage it got on abc, nbc, cbs, cnn, "washington post", "new york times", it -- et cetera, nothing, no coverage this is how the press is tied to the hip with the
9:29 pm
obama administration. they ought to be so ashamed of themselves for this. >> sean: well said. one of the issues we have been covering is global warming alarmism there's a political agenda behind this. in spite of climb mategate there wasn't enough coverage explaining the false science people had been regurgitating for all these years. we have a chart on the screen the climate change coverage. neutral coverage, nbc, cbs, abc pushing climate alarmism or mentioning scandals which is next to zero. once again media obviously pushing an agenda that is advancing the cause of not only the white house but democratic policies and democratic politicians. your analysis? >> there are three positions on global warming. one, it exists. two, it doesn't. three, we're not sure. the media had been saying to the american people for years,
9:30 pm
there's only one position which is that it is settled science. climategate blow it out of the water. it took nbc 14 days before they did the story. 15 days cbs, abc 16 days because it goes against the narrative of their agenda. >> sean: pretty amazing. sometimes media bias is subtle and sometimes it is like taking a hammer and hitting you over the head with it. which you watch everyday. this is one of those examples. >> it parallels the radicalism of obama >> sean: very informative, appreciate you being with us, thanks so much. let not your heart be troubled. when we come back our great, great, great american panel is next. ♪ ♪ wow!
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. >> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. he's don imus' long time radio producer, bernard mcguirk. radio talk show host mary walter. he's a journalist former prosecutor served as legal adviser on john kerry's failed presidential campaign jeffrey -- sorry i couldn't resist, scott shapiro with us. franklin graham may be disinvited to this event they are having because of his remarks about islam. including that muslims are enslaved by their religion. here's part of what he said. he said i want people to know for example, that they don't have to die in a car bomb. they don't have to die in some kind of holy war to be accepted by god. i love the people of islam but
9:36 pm
their religion, i don't agree with their religion at all. if you look at what the religion has done just to women alone is horrid. should he be disinvited? >> absolutely. we have people of that faith serving in the armed forces. >> sean: what do you think of the way islam treats women? the way they treat women, do you agree? >> i totally disapprove 100%. >> sean: is it horrid? >> yes. i agree with his position but i do not think the government should allow him to speak at a government sponsored event. >> sean: it is not obvious talking about people dying in car bombs thinking 72 virgins will await them in heaven is attack on islam. is he accurate? is there a group of people believing that allah is awaiting them in heaven with virgins if they kill innocent people? >> there's a sect, yes.
9:37 pm
>> sean: was that who he was referring to? >> what was the quote? >> sean: you don't have to die in a car to be accepted by . >> i'm jewish if i was serving the marine corp and the pentagon allowed somebody to speak who said anything about you day. . santander you -- >> sean: you seem frayed to take on radical islam. >> the tone at the top of appeasement and selling out started with the apology tour and it's culminating in this. look at what is happening with the "south park" guys. these are muslim people can't mention the name mohammed. selling out of israel and of our own country. you know, president obama, let my people go right now that's what i'm saying. >> sean: wait a minute this is important. you said if you criticize islamic extreme. that causes terror? you just said that that's what
9:38 pm
just said. >> i said when awe will you the appearance that the government of united states -- >> sean: stop it. the appearance is it fair to take on radicals that strap bombs on their own children that kill innocent people -- >> not on national prayer day that's not appropriate that's not what national prayer day is about. >> sean: is it is appropriate to take on people that strap bombs on kids. >> worshipping god is a way of coming together. >> he explained in the "wall street journal" part of his statement it was right after 9/11. maybe it is time nor not just us to be tolerant and understanding of everyone's religion maybe some need to be tolerant and understanding of the atmosphere and what we were going through. >> sean: i would think liberals would join with conservatives like myself and say the mistreatment of women, the lack of condemnation, widespread condemnation of radical extremists ought to be something universal in the
9:39 pm
human experience that we stand for human life, for the rights of women. why won't you take the stand that franklin graham is taking? >> i run an organization called defending to defending president bush's legacy. i don't think it is appropriate on national prayer day for the government to support or endorse this person. >> one day after the president said in his consideration for the supreme court choice that women's rights has to be one of the biggest issues involved. recently, the ayatollah said that -- by the way they stone women in saudi arabia who wear mini skirts. the ayatollah said women who dress i am modestly cause earthquakes and -- and volcanoes. >> i want to read the full quote i think you left something out. what he says is, i want them to know they don't have to die in a car bomb in some kind of holy war to be accepted by god it is fate through jesus christ and christ alone.
9:40 pm
i find that to be inappropriate. >> sean: agree not a christian nation? >> we are a nation of many religions. >> sean: america was founded on the judeo-christian ethic that's a fact. >> i think it was founded on religious freedom not one or two religions. >> that's his belief why can't he state that. >> on the day of prayer? >> sean: we to take a break. speak peek of what is coming up on the record. greta you can moderate this. >> greta: i don't think i can it sounds too fiery for me tonight two senators mccain and lincoln. we asked senator lincoln whether they wants the president to campaign for her or not. the value added tax. there's a little bit of who is on first. wait until you hear the president, the vice president and secretary of treasury and his spokesperson say about the
9:41 pm
value added tax. you will wonder who is on first on this one. >> sean: what's on second, i don't know third base.oe?s great is next after we continue in 20 short minutes from now more of our great, great american panel, straight ahead. ♪ raymond james financial advisers understand
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>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. vice president biden on "the view" earlier today about him dropping the biden bomb. >> you get up there health care bill signed and you throw the f-bomb and i'm thinking oh man -- were you surprised thank you the -- >> i was thankful my mother couldn't hear. it was a little embarrassing. >> did you not realize there was a microphone?
9:46 pm
>> i realized there was a microphone but no idea it was that sensitive. >> sean: mcguirk you might sympathize i expect this out of you. >> i do sympathize with him. he's a big f---ing clown and it is okay. i like joe biden. the indignation over him using the f-bomb that cat is way out of the bag. i don't know if anybody listens to the fm radio these days things being said that kids are list thing to that are a thousand times worse than old guy dropping the f-bomb. >> i think he's hysterical he reminds me of leslie nielsen. he says stuff, he walks way laughing and there's a trail of destruction and he has no clue. i love him. >> sean: somebody buy him his own teleprompter. he can't help himself. >> he sits with the rest of
9:47 pm
the magpiees. i luke them all decides joe behar. >> elizabeth was medicated she had to be with biden there. >> sean: she is a gracious person, very nice person. she is not going to go after him. all right, vat tax. volcker plotting it. the president saying interesting idea. then the propaganda minister robert gibbs, geithner everybody else, biden running, no, no, we're not really thinking about a vat tack in light of the trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, i -- this is what liberals do, spend money, increase debt now raise taxes. is that what we can expect? >> i think the biggest problem is the same the conservatives and a lot of mainstream americans have with health care reform. not that reform is bad. it is that barack obama did tell america that he wanted to fundamentally transform america. i think a lot of people
9:48 pm
understandably are suspicious that when he said that he wanted to fundamentally transform the united states of america into the soviet states of america. every step toward a collective socialist state is suspect. this is one of those programs -- >> sean: did you support what he's doing? >> not at all. >> sean: i think he is you ruining the american economy and weakening us abroad. >> i think they knew they were going to have to do this because their programs are unsustainable. >> is there a surprise? acting surprise that killer whales kill. tough on the old people. death panels now dog food. people on fixed incomes are going to be really hurt by this value added tax. >> sean: new book gets to the roots of the climategate scandal and exposes the relationship between the movement and marxism that author coming up, straight ahead.
9:49 pm
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>> sean: the climategate scandal exposed global warming as a myth cooked up by alarmists. a new book investigates how they are and how communist corporations, elitist politicians and reckless scientists have contributed to creating a phony crisis. >> the problem is global in scope and requires a global response. it also requires attention to obstacles in our political system our market system in the way we think about the crisis. >> sean: within the last decade with the help of poster boy al gore the global warming movement has become an international concern in the wake of the climategate scandal many are questioning the motives of the people
9:54 pm
pushing the global warming crisis and asking whether the world has been duped by a cover-up of something that does not exist? in his new book climategate brian sussman asserts it is a form of communism rooted in the principles of carl marks. he argues that the communist tenets belief in science over god and the idea of developing successful nations to fill the needs of under developed countries describe the global warming movement. climategate he argues highlighted these principles showing the scientists were hiding information that would prove their theories wrong and knowingly people by manipulating the science. the green movement has made billions for international corporations, governments and elitists individuals, prime example, being jet setting green hero al gore. between his oscar winning film, best selling books, comfy board positions on google and
9:55 pm
apple and investments on green company start-ups some estimates are out there that gore has made over 500 million dollars off the global warming hype and stands to make more. let's not forget the current administration. president obama has pushed hard for cap and tax and has the most aggressive green agenda to date. joining me the author of climategate brian sussman, how are you? >> thank you my friend. >> sean: how much is gore to make? >> perhaps a billion dollars or more off of global warming. sean >> he doesn't believe in global warming, i believes in money. >> sean: how do you know that? i to believe at least he believes the lie. you think he knows it is a hoax? >> 1995 he was part of the president's council on sustainable development. he put together something called the new consensus. in is a hand book used at legislative level across the country in every state.
9:56 pm
he says, even when the science is uncertain, we need to go ahead with these plans and build consensus. in my book i prove there is no consensus this is a myth. >> sean: how are scientists corrupted in this process? they would manufacture, distort the data to advance their agenda? why were they willing an cop polices? >> the temperature is -- he's pulled in 19 million dollars for his organization in research grants the temperaturehq) has to be warmig otherwise he's not going to get the grands. look at the money that james hansen from nasa gets this guy has raked in lots of money for his own self. >> sean: we talk about mark. . this is sort -- marksism you are making the case this is the model, we take from rich
9:57 pm
countries like the united states, europe and other countries and we spread the wealth to all the developing countries. put all our resources, money et cetera in a collective pot. you think that's at the bottom of this? >> i think it is at the bottom of this. think with health care if we would have had a book that showed us why nancy pelosi and harry reid wanted to cram obama care down our throats and what would happen once passed and instituted. i don't think that law would have passed. with climategate read this book and you will see why they want to do this. >> sean: why is it -- is the premise, is it predicated on the idea that capitalism is evil and we're raping and pillaging the planet for profit? >> one of the founders of earth day is paul ehrlich his writing partner and buddy, barack obama's science and technology adviser. >> sean: supports compulsory sterilization. >> he believes that's
9:58 pm
constitutional. this is also a guy who wants to dedevelop the united states of america. take us down a notch, talk our -- take our women, transfer it. cap and tax there's mechanism in place 150% of the poverty level you will get a check deposited in your account on a monthly basis. unspecified amount in your checking account on a monthly basis that's in the bill. >> sean: go back to what you said. they want to take down america. the president hedged on the idea of american exceptionalism. said america is arrogant on his apology tour and now adopting the failed european socialist mod department. isn't that the net result? how does global warming fit in? >> this is a per affect -- perfect plan instead of us against them, they found the environment as the hook. everybody wants clear air, clean water. now they are out toing global warming and co2
9:59 pm
something you can't touch, taste, smell or see as the bad guy. >> sean: global warming is hype. it doesn't exist. >> it is a way to knock this country down many notches, deaf develop the united states, transfer -- dedevelop the united states, transfer our . >> sean: they've almost brainwashed and indoctrinated a whole generation of kids they've convinced them this is happening. has climategate been the eye opening moment against their agenda? >> as far as i'm concerned it confirmed everything i believed the temperature record was rig . as far as al gore and this nonsense and the movie and how it iss go pell. i go through scene by scene. this man is a charlatan. >> sean: thank you up. later tonight, 3 a.m. eastern fox news will be airing the u.k.'s prime minister debate the three contenders go head-to-head as their election


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